Do You Feel Stuck, Stalled and Overwhelmed?

  • Does it seem as though a never-ending list of worries is streaming through your head?
  • Are you struggling with pervasive sadness and low self-esteem?
  • Do you feel dissatisfied in your career, relationship or life in general, but don’t know how to break out of your routine and make a change?
  • Are you finding it difficult to adjust to a significant life transition, such as the end of a relationship or a move?
  • Are you finding it difficult to adjust to a significant life transition, such as the end of a relationship or a move?
  • Do you wish could clear your mind, engage fully in the present moment and figure out a way to identify and create the life you truly want?

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of anxiety, deppression, addiction or another personal mental health concern, you likely feel frustrated and lost, unsure why you can’t just relax, believe in yourself and achieve your goals. Perhaps you don’t know why you feel so empty and dissatisfied, but nothing you try seems to produce long-term changes.

Or, maybe you are aware of a particular issue causing you pain, such as an unfulfilling job or deep self-doubt, but you don’t know how to shift the way you experience and move through the world. It may be that part of you longs for something different, but another part feels unsure and uncomfortable with change. You might wonder if something’s wrong with you, or question whether anyone truly lives a happy, empowered life.

Everyone Struggles at One Point or Another

In our fast-paced, success-driven world, it can feel as though everyone has the answers but you. In truth, however, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other issues are incredibly common. In fact, the pressure we feel to excel can contribute to stress, low self-worth and the desire to numb out or escape.

Wanting to achieve your goals and do well in life is not a bad thing. However, it’s very easy to lose sight of what you really value and who you really want to be. Thankfully, there is a way to slow down, develop new insight into yourself and learn how to create lasting satisfaction in your life.

Individual Therapy Can Help You Become a Better You

No matter what you are struggling with, by working with a professional therapist, you can develop the tools and insight you need to make a change. Individual therapy can help you:

  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Learn new ways to manage stress, anxiety, anger, grief, depression, etc.
  • Improve communication and listening skills
  • Modify behavior patterns that aren’t serving you
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence

Our therapists are active participants in the treatment and work collaboratively with each client in the therapeutic process. Depending on your particular experience and needs, our therapists can also help you address and resolve specific issues.

We Are Always Here For You

With anxiety counseling, you can:

  • Slow racing thoughts
  • Reduce stress and worry about the future
  • Recognize and challenge negative thought patterns
  • Develop strategies to feel calm and present, even in times of distress

With depression counseling, you can:

  • Better understand your needs, hopes and desires
  • See yourself and your situation more realistically
  • Develop self-confidence and self-compassion
  • Bring hope and happiness into your life

With addiction counseling, you can:

  • Identify situations, experience, and feelings that contribute to compulsive behavior
  • Let go of guilt, shame and self-criticism
  • Separate your identity from addiction
  • Learn new ways to manage difficult experiences and develop healthy coping skills

We strive to create a safe and supportive environment in which we can help you gain a better understanding of yourself, empower you to take charge of your life and encourage change and personal growth. Whether you’re struggling with the pain of the past, worry about the future or a general sense that there must be more, therapy can help you gain a perspective on your life. This awareness can enable you to resolve current issues and deftly navigate challenges as they arise. It is possible to lead a brighter, more balanced life.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

You may have questions or concerns about individual therapy…

We invite you to consider how much time and energy you’re already dedicating to imagining the worst-case scenario, feeling defeated or criticizing yourself. The time you spend in counseling is an investment in productivity, creativity and your overall wellbeing. And, if you are frequently using substances or compulsive behaviors as a means of escape from the world, addiction counseling can help you reclaim the hours you may be losing to drinking, gambling, shopping, etc. By taking care of yourself, you can make better use of your time over the long-term.

While stress is a very normal response to career responsibilities, relationship issues, life transitions, etc., if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and on edge more often than not, working with a skilled professional can help. You don’t have to let fear and apprehension hold you back from what you truly want.

Most people feel purposeless and worn-down. I don’t need depression counseling.

The idea of quitting an addictive behavior can be daunting, especially if it is part of your lifestyle. Your therapist will meet you where you are and help you figure out what changes you want to make. If that means you’d like to be abstinent, your therapist will help you get there. If that means you’d like to practice moderation, your therapist will support you in that goal.

It’s true that many people feel unfulfilled, and it’s also true that a series of disappointments can make it difficult to have hope for the future. But, life doesn’t need to feel this way. It is possible to identify what you want in life and feel empowered to achieve it. By working with an understanding, objective professional, you can heal old wounds, tap into your inner strength and develop a new sense of purpose and resilience.

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